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A planning appraisal is an assessment of the development potential of a site based on planning policy and other considerations.

When providing a detailed appraisal, we undertake research on a number of critical aspects that affect the development potential of a site.

Our experts understand the planning system, having spent many combined years assessing and promoting schemes and securing consents. Our expertise covers all types and scales of development. We use this expertise to review planning policy and decisions to advise on the prospects of development.

From this informed position we can advise on the potential development but most importantly the routes to achieving the required permissions.  These options can include outline, full planning application and permitted development.  This is the planning strategy to deliver the vision for the site.


The matters we cover in our appraisals:

  • Existing lawful use
  • Constraints
  • Designations
  • Planning history
  • Current planning policy
  • Emerging planning policy
  • Strategic and national planning policy
  • Permitted development
  • Consenting options
  • Community Infrastructure Levy
  • Section 106 obligations
  • Timescales
  • External consultants

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Our detailed appraisals give you the confidence to proceed with sites, highlight risks and deliver strategies for securing planning permission.
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Councils we've worked for