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Private Client

Local Planning Authority

London Borough of Islington

About the Project

The site had faced difficulties for redevelopment due to the restrictive nature of LB Islington’s employment land planning policy. This presented a challenge because to achieve a development that worked on a small, challenging site in a Conservation Area a larger residential component was needed.

Islington previously had a blanket Article 4 Direction preventing the change of use utilising Permitted Development Rights, this has now been reduced in line with amendments made to the NPPF.

We adjusted our strategy and used Permitted Development Rights under Class MA to secure change of use of the upper floors. We also simultaneously did an application under Class G to secure two units, this meant the client would have flexibility taking the site forward or when they look at a more comprehensive development.

Plans by GML Architects

Project Highlights

  • Utilising PDR we significantly reduced the risk and achieved 5-flats on a constrained site.
  • Detailed planning submission and carefully prepared architectural plans and evidence successful for both the Class MA and Class G applications.
  • Achieves a mixed-use scheme and a firm basis to look at redevelopment of the site.

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