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Planning Decisions

Published: 12.01.22

The latest data on planning decisions from the previous quarter were released at the end of 2021. Of particular interest are the take up of Part 20 upwards extension schemes. Nationally, 46 applications were made in the third quarter of 2021/22 under Class A (detached blocks of flats). Only 20 were granted over the period showing that these types of projects do not have a high success rate.  Other Classes fare much worse with no approvals under Class AA in the last quarter. Only one Class AB received consent in the same period.

“Thankfully our team have a much greater track record having secured prior approvals for 4 schemes so far including one appeal and several more in the pipeline.”

The data also reveals that decisions within the relevant statutory period for both minor developments (8 weeks) and majors (13 weeks) fell to its lowest level in the past five years.  This is evidence of planning departments struggling with the volume of applications at present. It also highlights the importance of ensuring good quality engagement with councils prior to submission and delivering high quality applications documents to facilitate officers to make timely decisions.

“In positive news however, the data shows that permission for 319,000 homes was given in the year up to 30 September 2021.  Further investment in planning departments could surely see these numbers increase further.”


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