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Good Design vs Cheap Design

Published: 11.07.18

An expensive dilemma

Building and development is expensive. No matter what you do, it is always going to take a lot of investment.

So we can understand why developers look for money-saving solutions and cost-cutting measures, and we are here to help in any way we can.

However, one area in which saving money is not always a good thing is design.

At times, it can seem like design is cutting into time and budget constraints unnecessarily. But good design can make all the difference to your project, no matter what it is.

Perhaps the most obvious area in which design makes a difference is the value of your project.

Say you were renovating a house. Simply patching up holes and laying roof tiles would not be the best way to increase the property value.

Investing in the design would make it a more functional and desirable house to prospective buyers. The same goes for any project.

In fact, the functionality is often an underappreciated element of design. Small things that a good designer would include, but a cheap designer would not, can make all the difference to the value and usability of your project.

Cutting costs and corners

We’ve all heard stories about ‘Cowboy Builders’ and the like, workmen and companies who promise the world for an unbelievable price, then cut their costs by cutting corners.

This sort of money-saving gambit can lead to real and awful consequences. And the bigger the project, the more expensive (and often dangerous) these consequences can be.

It is far better, we think, to invest more in a designer who can see where real value and function will come.

Cheap design may save money in the short term, but fixing the problems that come around later will cost far more than investing would have, and good design will give you more value straight away anyway.

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Councils we've worked for